Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adventures in Baking

As you can all tell, I like my food. You could even maybe call me a 'foodie', especially in the baked goods section. I love buying treats for myself, but I love baking things more. I've made brown bread, pancakes, tortillas and cakes along with my daily meals. Tonight, however, was the most successful yet.

My days here are filled with me checking food blogs and imagining myself making the wonderful things pictured. For Valentine's Day, I thought I would try something special. And it needed to be red. Red Velvet Cake fit the bill.

My first cake I made for a friends birthday may have looked good, but didn't actually taste that good. Everyone said they loved it, and maybe they did, but I didn't. Fail. (Above- looks good, tastes- not so good.)
In Ireland, my roommates and I say nothing comes out right the first time you try it, baking included. My so called fully stocked kitchen had no mixing bowl, no wooden spoons, no measuring cups, and definitely not cake pans. So I invested in a few key kitchen utensils- best money I've spent yet.

So today, with a dessert spoon and a 1/4 cup, I made the best cake ever. The other factor over here is the darn metric system. Trying to convert everything to cups from mL and grams is just not fun. It also led me to not buy enough food coloring for my cake so while it definitely was red, it could have looked nicer. Now I know for next time, just like most things I do here.

Time for that last piece of cake calling my name from the fridge.

mmmm cream cheese frosting and Emily- can't get much better.


  1. love it. i'm sure it was delicious, but i'm sorry to say your red velvet cake leaves a little to be desired in the looks department.

    my favorite part is that tiny little spoon. hehe

  2. come on. i had limited supplies. don't worry though. my next one will look WAY better.

  3. This somehow came up on my FB newsfeed today. I am LOVING reading all your posts and looking at these photos. Let's go back.