Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can't believe it. It has officially been 4 weeks and 2 days since I have been in Galway. It really does seem like I just got here. Everyone always says time flies by, but people say it because its true! I never thought it would go by so fast. Four months left.

I've gone on trips and explored the city, but I also have gotten used to just living here.

1. I've discovered the quickest way to school.
2. I know where to get the cheapest drinks.
3. I know where to get the best scones, the best coffee, the best seafood chowder, the best fresh vegetables.
4. I go to the farmers market on Saturdays.
5. I'm taking a cooking class at school and now am able to make the best dinners.
6. I've already finished two books and am on to my third.
7. We're regulars at the Crane Bar on Tuesday nights to hear traditional Irish music played by NUIG students.
8. I've found the perfect spot at the library. (which we all know is the most important)

To celebrate the four week mark, we had a little potluck dinner at our apartment. All the Marquette kids, along with a few others, brought food and their own eating utensils to room 205. The food was impressive (I brought homemade brown bread), the conversation was lively, the music was playing. Everyone left happy and full. It couldn't have been a better night. And now we have a clean apartment!

I knew time would fly, but I just didn't realize how fast it would go. The traveling begins this weekend and pretty much doesn't stop until I leave. On the list: Limerick, Paris, Scotland, Ring of Kerry, Rome, along with LOTS of visitors in March. We will never have a hot shower in March. But I couldn't be more excited for the weeks to come.
The best scones with jam and butter.
Remnants of my plate at potluck dinner.
Blurry picture of friends eating.
Not blurry picture of friends eating.
The spread.

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