Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am now entering Rihanna's world.

Okay, not quite. But for a couple hours last night, at the O2 Arena in Dublin with Emily and Pat, I was totally in her world. The Rihanna concert was definitely the way to end 5 months in Ireland together. After listening to Rihanna songs for the past week straight, hearing them live couldn't have been better.

Our favorite song came on

Excited. Duh.
You almost needed an umbrella ela ela ela
So I'm obviously not in Rihanna's world anymore, but I have left Galway. Currently in Dublin hotel enjoying a little family time. The past week really has been a vacation. No visitors, no commitments, just the sun and Galway. We went to the beach, went for runs, the market, out to pubs. Basically what we've been doing for the past 5 months but with nothing else in between. And the weather was gorgeous. Apparently Ireland had a bit of a heat wave. We definitely took advantage of it.

mmmm treats on the beach

Frisbee time

It's hard to get used to the fact my family is in Ireland. I've talked about my life here so much, it's crazy to think they are now going to get to experience parts of it. So far today the weather has been perfect, they've already enjoyed their first Guinness, and our week long tour of Ireland starts bright and early tomorrow.

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