Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I wouldn't have been in Ireland, Megan and Molly would have had no where to go.

My visitors had arrived. We had had our moment in the airport, where you see each other as one walks through the gate, running into each others arms for a huge hug. I couldn't have been happier to have that moment, especially in Ireland. Megan and Molly, both on Marquette Spring Break were ready to have a great week, I was was going to be their great host.

After a long bus ride, a run to the grocery store, and a dinner of mushroom and chicken risotto made by me, we finally went to bed, ready for a filled week. Sunday we went on the Cliffs of Moher tour, but got dropped off in Doolin for the night. Once the bus left, we went to our hostel and rented bikes riding all over the Irish countryside, with stops to look at castles, cows, and the ocean. The weather was perfectly sunny and warm. Dinner consisted of traditional Irish food at the local pub and Molly and Megan's first Guinness in Ireland. The next we finished our trip to the Cliffs, even braving the Do Not Cross line, following fellow tourists to get the best view possible.
A fun night out once we got back in Galway reminded me of being in Milwaukee. With a live band, we danced the night away, finally going home only because we knew we had a long week ahead of us.
Tuesday consisted of exploring Galway during the day. I showed them all the main tourist attractions, which took about an hour. So the rest of the day we strolled along the Salthill Prom, even though it was cold and windy. A little Irish dancing and traditional Irish music ended the night. We were getting ready for the big day aka St. Patty's Day!
St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is pretty much what you would it imagine it to be like: green, Irish flags, and beer. My apartment building, full of mostly Americans, had a little party on the patio, stopping only to go to the Parade down Galway's main street. The parade, while claiming to be one of the best in Ireland, was slightly disappointing. While Milwaukee's parade, one of the best I think, is filled with girls Irish dancing, lots of bands and music, and political figures waving at onlookers, Galway was the complete opposite. Instead of Irish dancers, belly dancers. Instead of old men playing traditional Irish music or high school marching bands showing off, we had grade school aged kids playing instruments with cheerleaders following. No leprechans, but instead, church groups dressed as Star Wars characters and aliens. It was strange, like no parade I had ever seen before. We got over it quickly though, and finished the day by making stops at all our favorite pubs, enjoying each pint of Guinness we had.

The rest of the week consisted of Clifden and Dublin with Molly, while Megan met up with more friends in Rome (where I will be in 3 days!). Saturday we hung out with the locals in Dublin, watching the Irish rugby team lose to Scotland and drinking more beer.
The week sadly came to an end the next morning when I put Molly and Megan in a taxi to the airport, back to Milwaukee. Time to catch up now on homework, projects, and planning before I head off to my Spring Break trip to Italy, Prague and Budapest. Stay tuned.

Sorry the pictures aren't working. I'll keep trying I guess.

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