Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little Irish hospitality.

Just a quick note, on why I love the Irish.

1. For one of my classes, I entered into a Fantasy Rugby league. Apparently it's just like Fantasy Baseball, but I don't really get how either of them works. I do, however, know the rules of baseball, as for rugby, not so much. So I blindly picked a team, watched some games, and didn't ever think of my team. In class yesterday, my teacher handed out prizes. He called my name at the end, handing me a soccer ball and telling me I should probably try a different sport because apparently I had the lowest score of the entire class. Go me. But hey, free Irish soccer ball. WOO!!

2. Emily's mom was in town for a visit. She decided to take me, Emily and Pat out for dinner. She wanted fish and chips and Irish stew, so we obviously had to go to two different restaurants. While at the fish and chips place, a nice man was sitting next to us, a little drunk, but chatting away. On our way out to find stew, Emily asked where the best place was. He automatically got out his cell phone. "Kitty, put on 4 plates of stew. I have some friends coming in." We were beyond confused. He then gave us directions, but there was no need. He told us to go to Monroe's, the place we hang out every Tuesday. We walked over, found a table and had 4 plates of Irish stew waiting for us, because apparently the guy was the owner of Monroe's, just setting us up with a good dinner, no big deal. We were so happy, mainly because the stew was so great, but also because the Irish are so dang nice.

3. This has nothing to do with the Irish, but added to my happiness yesterday. My other friend Kelsey had egg dye sent to her! So even though I wasn't home, I still got my Easter eggs.


  1. gah! those are the best stories ever!! i like that the cell phone conversation started with "kitty".

    also, you are generally terrible at predicting sports (see: NCAA bracket this year). ha.