Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pure Dead Brilliant

The view from the top near the Castle
A 3 hour bus ride at 2 in the morning, snow on the ground in Dublin, and sitting in our plane on the runway for 2 hours, waiting to be deiced. All for a 35 minute plane ride to Scotland! Finally though, after even more time in the train from the airport into the city, we made it to Glasgow.

The differences between Scotland and Paris, where I had been the weekend before were astounding. Where Paris was pretty, delicate, full of pretty colored buildings, beautiful monuments and Parisians dressed in boots and black, Scotland was basically the complete opposite. It was rainy and cold the entire weekend, first of all. The buildings were brown and big, with pointy harsh tops. It had more of an industrial feel. A few churches here and there, big shopping streets like most main cities. We ate chips and pies covered in gravy and drank beer, not wine. All these differences and I still loved it. I might have even loved Edinburgh the most out of all the places I've been.

After walking around in the rain for the afternoon in Glasgow and seeing the Cathedral and Necropolis, stopping at a pub for coffee and scones to warm up, we went back to our hostel to get ready for dinner. The Goose was our restaurant of choice where I got curry because apparently Glasgow is the curry capital. I've basically decided every place in Europe loves Curry. Dinner and a recommendation from a girl we met on the street led us to a bar that had karaoke and Scottish bagpipe players. Couldn't get any better.
At the Necropolis

The next day we went to Edinburgh. Coolest place yet. One one side is the new part of town, with big stores and restaurants. One the other, is the old town. The Castle is overlooking the entire city on a bluff. Churches, museums, shops, and pubs fill this side of the city. You can see it all from the main street, overlooking the city. We decided to take a bus tour to see everything, which was 11 pound well spent since it was rainy and cold. Dinner out and another pub, early to bed.

Looking up from the main street

The next morning we explored the Royal Mile and the Castle, snapping beautiful pictures. Lunch was at the famous Elephant House, where JK Rowling created Harry Potter. I could definitely see why she loved writing there. Every inch was filled with pictures and statues of elephants, with the back room full of windows that look out to the Castle. A little new town exploring and we were back to our bus and the airport.

Birthplace of Harry Potter

Edinburgh Castle

Another great weekend, seeing the sites of the UK. It will always amaze me how different each of the cities I visit can be. But all so pretty and unique in their own way.

Last night I booked tickets to Rome, Prague, and Budapest for April. I'm at my halfway point almost, with 3 weeks left of school and friends visiting in 2 weeks! Boy does time fly here....


  1. alright, i'm going to work "pure dead brilliant" into three sentences today. love it.


  2. That was what the theme was at the airport. First impression of Scotland...I'm trying to work it in too.