Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Words: Silent Disco

By far one of the best nights spent in Galway. It wasn't at a pub, talking with old Irish men listening to traditional music, although I do love doing that, nor was it spent having a party in Niland House with all my friends. It was spent at Silent Disco.

You walk into the bar, pay 5euro and get your hand stamped, go through the curtains, onto the dance floor. Don't forget to pick up your headset! Put the headphones on, turn to the station all your friends are on, and dance the night away.

There are two regular djs, playing indie dance music along with all your classic American tunes like Twist and Shout on two different channels on your headset. When you don't like the song, simply switch over to the other station. Three solid hours of dancing like crazy. Its just like the iPod commercials. Jamming to your own tunes, but everyone is doing the same thing all around you.

By far, the best parts of the Silent Disco are 1. Trying to figure out which channel people are listening to. Either by their horrible off-key singing or great dance moves to the beat, it was so fun trying to match up to them 2. Taking off your headsets for a minute while the song is playing to just hear everyone singing but no actual music. It was the weirdest feeling, seeing everyone dancing yet the room is pretty much silent, except for a little singing and some side conversations.

Never have I heard of any Silent Discos back home, but if Milwaukee starts to be cool enough for one, I will be first in line to get my headset.

Another two words: Aran Islands.
The other highlight of the week, a much needed break after my first final, Tierney, Kelsey and I went off to the Aran Islands. After a bus and a ferry ride, we arrived to the Irish speaking island of Ireland. You hop off the ferry and automatically are bombarded by men trying to get you to come on tours in their buses and horse drawn carriages. We opted to rent bikes!
I'd compare the Aran Islands to an Irish Capri in Italy. The crystal blue water, a little touristy, but still one of the prettiest, most relaxing places you could ever imagine. We pedaled all throughout the island, stopping to see the seal colony, the watch tower, the white sandy beach for lunch and the famous Dun Aengus rock fort. The rock fort was by far the best part, more specifically the cliff edge. No railing, straight down 400 feet. It's like you are on the edge of the world. So cool, but the whole time my legs wouldn't stop shaking. I was happy to go back to regular ground.

Final #2 coming up Tuesday.

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