Friday, January 8, 2010

Dia Dhuit

I made it here. I am officially a Galway Girl now. After a long day of traveling from Quincy to Chicago, Chicago to Dublin, a bus from Dublin to Galway, and finally a taxi from the bus station to Niland House, I made it to my new home.

Highlights of my trip so far-
1. I get to eat pastries and cheese daily.
2. Irish music.
3. Smithwicks, Bulmers, and Guinness
4. Niland House
5. Irish Pubs
6. Cobblestone streets
7. Irish love Americans

Things that will hopefully get better
1. No hot showers
2. Coldest winter EVER with not enough winter clothes

It's a good thing my good list is longer than the bad list. I guess I'm off to a good start.

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