Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do a Little Irish Jig

I've been to Irish Fest, I've seen the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Milwaukee, I've seen the Irish dancers with crazy girl hair but this Irish dancing was a first for me. Tuesday nights are Irish dancing nights at Monroe's and I can tell you now that we will be regulars there. At 10 o'clock the band started and about 8 older couples started their dancing. They stomped and twirled, spun and moved their hips. It was awesome. I could have watched forever except that I wanted to learn how to do it. They didn't offer to teach us but my friend Emily and I did meet an older man who happened to own an Irish Dance Studio down the road. He offered us lessons that hopefully we will take advantage of.

Since we couldn't dance ourselves, we moved on to the Crane Bar down the street that had more Irish music. We enjoyed the music there with Marquette students and NUIG students we had met the night before. They played the fiddle. We're going to become little Irish band groupies. Oh man.

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