Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Long Walk.

The Spanish Arch
The coldest winter pretty much ever. Ice is everywhere, apparently because of the salt in the air at least that was what I was told.
Boats at low tide.
The most classic picture of Galway and it is on my camera. My wonderful photography skills put to the test. With a scene like this though, its hard to mess it up. I still can't believe I am here, able to take this picture. My days are still filled with exploration. Figuring out my new school, new city, new apartment, new American friends, and sometimes a few new Irish friends as well.

The thing I have been most surprised about? How much Irish people like Americans. Whether is be at a bar, a store, or on the street, they actually seem to like us which makes me feel like this place is more my home. If this is how its starting, I can only imagine how great its going to get.

Today's Agenda- Historical Tour/Talk of Galway
Tomorrow- Aldi's and Tesco

Slán jen

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  1. Beautiful photos Jen! Let me know if you want me to print any off and have them at SFAN to have you there in spirit and art.

    love, erin