Thursday, January 21, 2010

Galway Tour Company: Professionally Guided Sightseeing Day Tours

Our first guided tour. We decided to go to The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher, along with a few other stops along the way. The tour bus picked us up at our own front door, what great service. We drove along the countryside, seeing the walls built during the famine, farm after farm, thatched roof after thatched roof. It probably would have been a little better in the Spring when its green and flowery but it was still enjoyable. Our first stop was Dunguaire Castle, which was once home to King Guaire.
Next stop: Ballyalban Fairy Fort. A pre-historic ring fort once surrounded by water is now said to be inhabited by little men with orange beards and green hats. I did not see any of these things, but it doesn't mean they aren't there. We walked the fort, like little soldiers in a line.

A pretty typical picture, I'm sure just about every tourist has this exact same one, but it seemed necessary. Poulnabrone Dolmen is the Burren's (unique limestone landscape) most iconic landmark.

Another great picture.
Even in Ireland, people love Milwaukee!!! Feels just like home...
Finally we reached the Cliffs. These pictures can't capture how pretty it really was. We had about 10 minutes of gorgeous sunshine, then the clouds came in and dumped rain and so much wind. But we did manage to get a couple good pictures. The waves crashed up against the Cliffs, spraying us with salt water from the ocean. The wind was so strong, you felt like you weren't even moving.

The castle/lookout point at the very top. And you can see the iron door I ran into just after this picture was taken. The wind disoriented me and now I have a bruise on my face that brings back great memories....
Our last stop, we just pulled over on the side of the road to this great lookout point. It probably was the best stop of the day. The rocks were so cut up from the wind and water, the waves were giant, and ledge was scary, the ocean sprayed us even more, but as the sun was setting, you couldn't have seen anything prettier.
The perfect ending to a great day....


  1. i want a picture of you running into the door! tell your friend taking the photo to get some action shots next time. looks like your rain jacket was the best present santa could bring.

    also, my work desktop photo is now set to the cliffs of moher. miss you!

  2. Jenny....your photos are fantastic! Enjoy the sites. Isn't history a blast when you are in it?!?