Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch Out! It's Slippy!

It is slippy here. No salt, no sand, no nothing, which is why I almost fell twice on my way to the first day of class at NUIG. After going to numerous amounts of first days of class I have found they are all the same. Even in another country. No one knows where they are going, you get a syllabus in class, and hopefully get to sit by someone you know. The only difference I have found so far is Irish kids don't really like to participate in class and will definitely just leave in the middle of class if they want.

In my second class, after a short break my class of probably about 50 people was supposed to come back to do a review worksheet. Needless to say my 3 American friends, 4 French kids and I were the only ones to stay, but boy did we win some points with the teacher. Other than that it was relatively uneventful a typical first day of school, I think mainly because I started the day off with a wonderful warm scone with jam from the bakery. I'm definitely adjusting.
All of the Irish Universities have the same exact bell tower entrance thing. I've also heard if they were to all be put together in some way it would make a giant castle, which is even cooler if its true.
This is where I went to mass on Sunday, where everyone responded too quickly and literally ran to communion.

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