Friday, January 15, 2010

Slurp it down.

Apparently oysters are a pretty big deal here due to the perfect combination of salt and fresh water. So obviously I had to try them. Let me say, the oysters I've had at home during Christmas time are nothing compared to these. These oysters are bigger, slimier, and a little more unappetizing than at home, but I managed to slurp down two!
My friend Pat, however, just barely managed the two and we almost saw it come back up, not that it would have looked much different.
Before I tried it, I was excited.
How appetizing.

1 comment:

  1. unbelievable. that's what i have to say about this post. seriously? i can't believe that fresh-from-the-ocean oysters would actually be less appetizing than the oysters we have at christmas. at least you had years of preparation leading up to this.

    also, i count six oysters on the plate. did two of these go to waste? for shame.