Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resort town of Galway City: Many attractions, longest promenade in all of Ireland, fancy hotels, discos and pubs rule the night. It sounds fabulous, but really this is basically just a suburb of Galway city, about a 20 minute walk from my front door. (Okay really more like 30 but I had to tell me friends 20 so they would go with me.)
It probably was some of the windiest weather I have encountered yet. Not rainy or cold really, just windy. So windy I felt like I was going to blow away. But so worth it. It was slightly cloudy, definitely dark, but looking out on to the ocean, walking on the rocks, seeing swans right next to you, and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm up in Mocha Bean.
The beaches we were pretty, but I can't wait until the weather actually gets nice. I have decided it gets nice around February 25, around their Memorial Day. So any visitors, I recommend coming after then.

The view of Salthill from the beach, basically the same picture as from above except without my friends in it.

(I had a video of this but it just wouldn't post. I'll try later)
The birds kept flying and flying but the wind was too strong! Just like a treadmill, except a little more depressing because they actually wanted to go somewhere.

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  1. i'm particularly impressed that you've decided to dictate the weather for all of ireland. i hope they get the memo about february 25, based purely on your idea that memorial day, no matter what country or date, is the first day of summer.

    well done.